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Challenges Faced By Exporters

  • Broken Products
  • Rotten perishable due to fungus
  • Rusted products due to moistures
  • High Freight issue
  • Reduced shelf life of products
  • Leakage Problems
  • Packaging trends, custom packaging
  • Horrifying ways of using stretch wrap incorrectly

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30+ Years of Thermocol Packaging Products Manufacturing


  • EPACK's customized packaging quality reduces shocks and vibrations and holds the product in place. No Breakage.
  • EPACK offers customized Light Weight protective packaging solutions for exports. No Extra Freight.
  • EPACK's customized packaging design solution offers Zero damage to the products eliminates expenses to replace them. No Replacement.
  • EPACK's Durable to handle packaging which is well-stacked products and that reduces the time needed for unloading of containers saving on man-hours needed. No Extra Wages

Our Top Product Segment

  • Thermocol Packaging
  • Thermocol Sheets
  • EPE Foam Packaging
  • Geofoam Blocks
  • Honeycomb Packaging
  • Air Bubble Packaging
  • Thermocol Sheet & Pipe Insulation
  • Customized Packaging
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Our Clients

Our Clients

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Our customers are satisfied with our high-standards of thermocol packaging services. We specialize in quick-turn services for high quality and optimized thermocol manufacturing in meeting dynamic business needs

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  • At Epack customer satisfaction is our top priority and we never compromise on quality, precision and timely delivery of your product.
  • Our sales coordinator team is available at your service 24/7.
  • So let's get started contact us at or call us at +91-8448187717/47/48

Clients Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying.

E-Pack's product delivery and support is worth a special mention. Performance and expertise in the field of work is laudable.

Mr. SK Raichur (Head Procurement, Thermax Ltd, Pune)

Decade of professional relationship speaks volumes. The relationship with E-Pack has grown thicker and we look forward to continue the association.

Mr. Gaurav Bansal (Sourcing, LG India)

After looking out at a number of places, we zeroed in on E-Pack. It was a significant deal for our company and we chose them to close it with. Commitment, quality work and timely delivery are three qualities we admire in Epack. Thank you for your services.

Mr Ramesh Kumar (Operations Head, ABB Ltd)

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